02 November 2008

Isu Konservasi Alam dan Lingkungan Hidup dalam Bingkai Kearifan Tradisi, dan Teks Islam

The anxiety about the effects of environmental degradation brings the human beings to the consciousness about the urgency of environmental preservation. However, the difference of visions and interest often places this problem into a dilema. The enviromental preservation the global scale is often understood as a dichotomy between the hegemony of authority versus the force beyond the political supra-structure (NGO, like Greenpeace), the developed countries interest versus those of developing countries, as well as economic interest versus echology.
Meanwhile, many opinions assume that the Ulemas and moslems do not give an adequate portion for this problem in the religious discourse as well as in the actions of environmental conservation. Even there is an impression that they are text-oriented in perceiving the problem. We know that there are a great number of the verses of Al Quran on the contrast, we see that the natural destruction in Indonesia which most of the citizens are moslems continuosly happens without being able to be stoped. Is there any wrong conception ?
Key Word : Islam, Environment Conservation

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