08 November 2008

Pemikiran dan Gerakan Muhammad Ali Pasha dalam Kebudayaan dan Peradaban Islam di Mesir


Islam is a religion that takes man to perfect and excellent civlication, as man is khalifah and creature of Allah. There are four domains of dominant islamic civilization development: Arabian, Persia, Turkey and lndia. In The history of Islamic Civilization there are three great periodes: Classic, middle, and modern. One of the greatest men in the middle period of Egypt regretion after Napoleon’s conquering it is Mohammad Ali, he is an Albanian descendent. since he was child he lived in a complex and hard condition, he did not go to school, he was illiteraterate. The condition, made him a strong man, then he accieved his highest carrier as a Pasha in Egypt in 122 H/1811 M.

The tought and and reform movement of Mohammad Pasya comprehend government, politic, military, economic and knowledge. Those are to strengthen his power and authority in Egypt. Mohammad Ali Pasha Conducted the reform by assimilating among Egypt, Turkey and Werter civilization.

Keywords: Thought and movement, Mohammad Ali Pasha, Culture and civilization, Egypt, Dinasti Khedival

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